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2024 Annual Competition Winners

Lori Franzen - Spotten Cucumber Beetle on Aster
President's Choice Award

Keith Matz - Emeral Lake Resort
Gallery/Pro - Digital - Assign (Snow or Ice)

Dietmar Haenchen - Mating Butterflies
Advanced - Digital - Assign (Closeups of Flowers or Vegetation with Visitors Such as Insects) )

Ann Swinford - Khuzamateen Valley
Intermediate - Digital - Assign (Fog)

Regina Carriere - Orange Butterfly
Novice - Digital - Assign (Closeups of Flowers or Vegetation with Visitors Such as Insects)

Keith Matz - Council Lake in Fog
Gallery/Pro - Digital - Open

Tom Egel - Bear Lake Sunrise
Advanced - Digital - Open

Pat Conner - Llamas
Intermediate - Digital - Open

Gerri Barr - Swarovski Rocket Man
Intermediate - Digital - Open

Regina Carriere - Mushroom
Novice - Digital - Open

Ann O'Hagan - Antique Tractor
Gallery/Pro - Print - Assign (Farm Equipemnt)

Raul Campos - San Francisco Alley
Advanced - Print - Assign (Alleyways, Hallways, or Tunnels)

Gerri Barr - Shave and a Haircut
Intermediate - Print - Assign (Through a Window or Door)

Regina Carriere - Bee and Flowers
Intermediate - Print - Assign (Closeups of Flowers or Vegetation with Visitors such as Insects)

Ann O'Hagan - Japanese Island

Keith Matz - Alaska Bear Family
Gallery/Pro - Print - Open

Tom Egel - Polar Express
Advanced - Print - Open

Gerri Barr - Farmhouse Kitchen
Intermediate - Print - Open

Regina Carriere - Turkey Vulture
Novice - Print - Open

Welcome to the Ann Arbor Camera Club!

Our Club, founded in 1956, is dedicated and committed to the photographic experience - to learning, experimenting, skill improvement and providing inspiration to each other. All types of photographers are represented in the Club (landscape, portrait, wildlife, street, sports, macro, etc...) as are all types of photographs (digital, film, color, black & white, and even large format). You will discover club members are interested, knowledgeable and passionate about the art and process of creating photographic images.

The Club encourages involvement in many types of photographic endeavors. Some of our activities include: field trips (both day and weekend retreats), exhibitions of members' photographs, workshops, promotion of various photographic events and guest speakers.

We believe we can learn from one another and that, through viewing skillfully composed images, our own photographic craftsmanship will be enhanced.